Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Expense

Elliott cut his finger on a toy this evening and it was bleeding a little. He silently and calmly walked over to Jason and showed him. It was actually bleeding enough to warrant a band-aid, his very first one.

Jason took him upstairs to wrap his finger in a band-aid....and Elliott FREAKED out. Like many other things (toy car wheels, legos, and more recently his own ears, eyes and ummmm other newly discovered body parts) he likes to try take things apart or to tear things off. ("Ears off, Mama. Eyes out Mama.") The band-aid was pretty securely wrapped around his finger and he couldn't pull it off.

Like everything else, he urgently wanted the band-aid OFF.

He cried very sadly and pathetically....and we ended up taking the band-aid off. The cut had stopped bleeding, but was still an open sore and at risk for infection so I would have preferred it to be covered.

So I came to terms again with the fact that I am going to have to do something, I said I'd never do. those darn expensive band-aids with cartoon characters on them. (I'm SURE we can find Cars band-aids!). I am such a frugal person that I actually look at the price per unit on almost everything I buy (jucie: 17 cents per pint or 25 cents per pint?). Those Disney band-aids are like three TIMES the cost of plain, store brand band-aids. Oh well. Some things are worth the extra money.