Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Not Superwoman

If I was, I would've remembered the meatloaf in the oven.

This afternoon, I was looking for a specific glass pyrex baking dish to soak rice noodles. And I finally found it.

In the oven.

Still holding Tuesdays (yes, that is 4 whole days ago) meatloaf. After dishing up generous portions for Jason and I, I put the leftovers back in the oven to keep warm in case Jason wanted seconds. While cleaning up the kitchen, I had intended to put the leftovers in the fridge for lunches (as usual). Apparently this never happened.

How on earth could I forget the meatloaf for FOUR whole days?


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boys and the Beach

Yesterday, I went to Kristi's for some much needed Elliott-free sewing time. Jason planned to hang out with Elliott for most of the day. I assumed the boys would be hanging out at home as usual, chasing each other around the house, making a mess of all of Elliott's toys and perhaps going on a walk around the neighborhood.

Jason had other plans. I received a textpicture from him in the early afternoon of Elliott hitting a piece of driftwood with a stick.

Jason took Elliott to Picnic Point Beach. They played in the sand, waded in the water (in his nice clean, new shoes), and climbed over driftwood.

I have such a boy. Make that two boys. Boys who like to go on adventures and get dirty.

They arrived home a while later flushed from their adventure and they had this joyous energy about them. And of course sand. Lots and lots of sand everywhere. By the end of their time at the beach, Elliott was left in only a diaper (dirty of course) and a t-shirt.

(Oh and those of you anxiously awaiting the results of our poop test last week: that exact test wasn't so successful, but after a few other trials, I was persuaded to buy a set of cloth diapers.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let the Poop Begin!

We are in the process of trying cloth diapers. Right now Elliott is in his room pooping and I'm waiting for the results!

You might be wondering how I know he is pooping.
Well, every morning I nurse him and then he plays for about 1/2 hour in his room.
When I come back to get him, almost without fail, he has pooped.
Usually I rest, read or shower during this time, BUT
today I am so eager to see the results that I can't relax!

Before Elliott was born, I also considered using cloth. But that idea was quickly dismissed because my thoughts were "Yuck" and "How would I ever have time for all that laundry?"

Now, I'm thinking. . . "I could save A LOT of money" and "I feel horrible throwing away bags and bags of used disposable diapers that will sit for thousands of years."

So this weekend, with another brave, like-minded friend, I ventured to UVillage on a mission to but a single cloth diaper each. We had success! Emily bought the very popular Bum Genius brand at one store, and I bought Fuzzi Bunz at another.

These are FANCY diapers! I will post a picture later. (poop free, of course)
(and the diaper looks awfully cute on Elliott).

Yesterday's trail was positive. He wore the diaper for about 3 hours and when I felt the fleece that touched his skin, it felt slightly damp but not as wet as I expected. The liner inside (not touching him) was appropriately soaked.

So I washed the diaper last night (easier than I expected), and that brings us to the poop test.
Stay tuned for the results!