Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am indescribably happy that Elliott loves the ice cream part of drumsticks.

And then he gives me the cone part. The perfectly invented chocolate-lined cripsy cone.

Thank you for sharing, Elliott!

Higher Heights

Emerson is active. Really active. We are doing a whole new level of child-proofing that we didn't have to do with Elliott.

Yesterday I turned my back for literally 3 seconds while I picked up something off the floor and he'd climbed up on to the chest. And was trying to climb higher!

Here is Elliott: He's thinking: "Hey that's a good idea!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kitchen Disaster

Emerson was helping me make dinner the other night when he ran into a problem.

His pacifier got stuck in the whisk. (HOW did this happen? . . . I have no idea.)

He first tried to just go ahead and suck the pacifier anyway with whisk and all.

It didn't work.

Next he started bending back parts of the whisk to free his pacifier.

And finally....success!