Monday, August 13, 2012

Budding Artists

We've been painting a lot around here ever since Emerson got some more paint for his birthday and Elliott had an official painting lesson from Aunt Kristi. Here Elliott is practicing mixing colors...and I guess Emerson is too in his own way.

In the next pic, Elliott just said something like, "hey, Emerson, did you know you have paint on your hands?" 

And Emerson was apparently shocked. And even more shocked to find out he had it on his stomach, legs and face. (not sure why he was so shocked as it happens every.single.time)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Klamath Falls

Fun from our trip to Klamath Falls

Saturday, August 11, 2012


This is what you do when you're really exhausted but don't want to give the impression that you are obeying:

After we tuck the boys in to bed, Emerson gets up about a million times. Sometimes he's got that "I know I'm being naughty grin" and other times he is just wild.  Sometimes we'll send him back to bed and he'll give a dramatic "you're ruining all my fun" groan. Really, he's got that groan down pat. All he needs is an eye roll and he's an instant teenager.

The last few nights after we've sent him back to bed (again), we've checked on the boys once it got quiet  upstairs. Each time, we've found Emerson laying awake on the floor after wearing himself out...yet refusing to actually get in the bed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 Part Shower

This handsome boy had a big night tonight. So big, that I had to take a photo to remember his first big-kid night out. He's been talking about Star Wars for months....and Jay & I have been chatting a lot about whether he was ready to watch the first one, Episode 4.  Elliott's been doing his best to convince us that he is ready and understands that Star Wars people aren't real, that fighting isn't what we do in the real world, etc....We finally decided to introduce him to the Star Wars world.

So tonight was the night. And he was over the moon excited. To top it off, he's going to Jason's friend's house to watch it with two slightly older boys. And they all have Game Boys which Elliott has recently learned to use. He begged us to let him bring the game boy so he could sit with the big kids and play. Like one of them. A BIG KID.

So off they went and left me home with this other handsome boy. We played legos, had a snack, read some books and started to wind down for bedtime.  I thought I'd take a quick shower while he was distracted playing.

Shower Part 1

He soon joined me in the bathroom.  And proceeded to go through my necklace box which results in a big tangled mess. So I interrupted my shower and dealt with that. 

Shower Part 2

Minutes later he had taken off his diaper and was trying to us the potty. He didn't go, instead decided he needed  a drink of water from the bathroom faucet. While he was up there, he peed. All over the counter. And perilously squatted near the edge of the counter in a large puddle of pee, ready to slip off. So I stopped the shower again and wiped up the whole mess.

Shower part 3

I finished showering, finally. Got out. And that's when I realized I had wiped up Emerson's mess with my last clean towel.