Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to Go

I've been trying to get ready to leave this afternoon on a retreat. I've been busy making soup (twice, the first batch was terrible as 1 large bottle of salsa accidentally poured in is apparently not the same as just 1 cup), packing, catching up on chores so I don't leave the house a total mess for Jason.

So Emerson was a bit....unsupervised. He entertained himself with our tub of winter mittens, hats, and scarves for a while as I as packing in our bedroom and then wandered off. To play nicely in his room, I imagined. Or hoped. Except he doesn't do that EVER. I gained momentum in getting ready and packing since it was so quiet and didn't check on Emerson for who knows how long.

Until I realized it was time to go to pick up Elliott from preschool. Only minutes before I needed to be on the road.

I found Emerson. Happily playing in the bathroom. SOAKED from head to toe (well, not really the toes since this week he had decided to always always always wears boots and except when I make him take them off to go to bed). Bits of wet toilet paper on the floor, toilet, walls, bathtub, EVERYWHERE.

I was so charmed by his "Look What I Did, Ma" face and sense of proud accomplishment that I couldn't do anything but take pictures.

After preschool, Elliott and I had a little conversation about shutting bathroom doors.....because it is only cute the first time a toddler makes a total mess of the bathroom.