Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Developing a Love of Reading

I checked on the boys the other night before heading off to bed and this is what I discovered.
Elliott wanted to make sure Emerson had some reading material at bedtime.

Notice how neatly Elliott has stacked his books next to his pillow.

Eat Your Vegetables

It doesn't matter how you get the vegetables in, as long as they eat them.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Honey, what's this from?

This morning Jay found a knob or handle of some sort and asked me what it came from. 

I found it a few days ago and was wondering the same thing.

That's when Elliott piped up and explained that he removed it from our computer chair.

Actually, we discovered he removed the knobs from both sides of the chair. We're not exactly sure how...you need a screwdriver to remove them.

Clearly Elliott needs something to do with his time.  Jason bought Elliott his first DS game today: a hotwheels racing game. He's very entertained so hopefully the rest of our furniture stays intact.