Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Jason brought home a couple of 787 airplanes from work.  We ventured outside to practice our flying skills. You can catapult the planes quite a distance. Here is Elliott giving it a try with Jason:

The two little pilots tired of it quickly but the big pilot kept at it. 

Crash landing (one of many)

Emerson preferred to dig with his plane:

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Negotiating for computer use has become a new issue in my house this week. With Elliott!
Elliott has figured out how to use the mouse really well and loves From the time he wakes up, he asks to play "starfall" and it is hard to say no since the website is full of learning games.

This is what I hear now:

"Mom, when is it my turn?"

"If I eat all my dinner, can I play starfall?"

As he is going down for a rest: "Don't turn it off, okay? I'm going to play when I get up."

When I've asked him to come to dinner: "I'll be there soon. I've got some work to do first."

More blog posts coming soon, really! I have several things I've wanted to write about. However, I have found it difficult to have time on the computer this week because I've had to fight for a turn!

And no joke: I just had to replace the battery in the mouse a few seconds ago...I'm sure because Elliott has been using it SO much.

For now here are a couple of quick pictures of the little artists: