Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our "santa" picture

Yesterday we set out to get our Christmas tree. We started with our traditional breakfast & treats at Starbucks. Our kids won the "make-the-biggest-mess" award and then headed out to find a tree.

Usually we go to a favorite Christmas Tree Farm, but on a whim we decided to check out the Adopt a Stream foundation near our house because we saw a sign that said "Live Christmas Tree Rentals."  We headed there and found a crowd of people scouting out there picks for the perfect tree - one that is potted and can be returned or planted in your own yard.  The official shopping didn't start till 10 am so we had a few minutes to check out the trees. There were several small ones, and about 30 tall spruce trees which everyone was eyeing.  

We decided we were going to get in line (the 2nd people in line!) and wait for the big go.  While standing in line, I plotted with Jason how to get the kids quickly to our tree and decided I would carry Emerson and Jay would walk quickly with Elliott.

 Finally, at 10 am, they released us with our tags to basically run to your desired tree and tag it for yourself. Although we were 2nd in line, other people took off toward the trees (it was not nearly as orderly as I had imagined), and so Elliott and Jason picked up the pace a bit. 

Jay guided Elliott and told him to pick whatever tree he wanted. As soon as Jay said that, Elliott immediately stopped and said "this one". We were like, are you sure?  Yep, he was. He was totally happy. We tagged our tree, then went inside for coffee, cider, candy canes and of course to meet Sammy the Christmas Salmon.

Emerson wasn't so sure about Sammy. 

 We didn't have far to go home (maybe 2 minutes), so we just plopped our tree in the van and took off.

Now the trick is keeping our little tree alive for the next couple weeks!  We accidentally watered it like you would water a regular cut tree and pretty much drowned it. But we have adjusted and are learning how to take care of our little tree. I think we should plant it and dig it up to use again next year! How frugal is that?! Jay suggested getting a tree every year there and then planting them behind our deck and gradually increasing our privacy barrier over the would be so slow and subtle the HOA probably wouldn't notice....