Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bird Watching

I ran into our neighbor at Qdoba yesterday and she casually asked about what we were up to that afternoon.
I replied, "We going bird watching in Leavenworth," and it was definitely an answer she was not expecting.

But bird watching is exactly what we did and it was fabulous.

We started our adventure on Blackbird Island.

Here they are on the hunt for birds. This whole experience was Kristi's idea. Kristi has gotten Elliott interested in birds.  They sit around and practice bird calls.  Cute and weird all at the same time.

Listening to birds on Kristi's phone.  Emerson's version of the bird calls were kissing noises. Not effective, but again, very cute.

 Emerson had to be carried some of the time because he had a tendency to run off....and there were signs all over warning us to be on the lookout for bears (really) and reminding us not to run.  Emerson was a prime target so we kept him as close as possible.

  Elliott carefully documented his bird sightings.

Elliott's looking for birds (fake) hidden in trees. 

We all really enjoyed finding the hidden birds. It was a bit like looking for Easter eggs!

Inside the museum, we check out their snakes, spiders, tortoises and fish.

Here Emerson is dissecting an owl pellet and examining (breaking) the bones of a mouse.

Elliott really liked the owl pellet and we really washed his hands after.

We had lots of fun jumping between beds doing fancy StarWars moves.

Emerson couldn't quite make it. Jason kept encouraging him to taking a running leap. And he did. Smack into the side of the bed. Jason and I giggled about that off and on for hours!

We were all tuckered out when we finally decided to head home. Especially Emerson who feel asleep in between ordering our McDonald's food and receiving it.