Friday, January 30, 2009

On Our Way to Toddlerhood

It's official.

My baby is 11 months old. And that brings me to this blog.

A brand-new blog.

A chance to savor my baby before he isn't a baby anymore. I know he'll always be my baby no matter how old he is, but really, he is not going to let me treat him like a baby for very much longer. He is getting more and more independent everyday. He crawls everywhere, pulls to and standing all the time. He is talking a little, well, actually he roars and quacks on occasion. He prefers to eat solid chunks of food and recently he has started asserting his opinion very strongly!

Here he is:

See, he already knows to smile and pose for the camera. Babies don't know to do that, toddlers do!

Why start a blog now, you may ask? I know many families who start this when their babies are much younger.

Well, there are two reasons.

Reason #1:
He is turning 1 soon. And that seems so official. In the past I could fudge about his age. When people would ask me how old he was, I could say, "10 months" even though he was really 10 months old plus 30 days old, but not yet officially 11 months old.

Sneaky, I know. But they really do grow up fast and I was trying to slow it down.

So reason #1 is that I can't lie about his age anymore. 1 is 1. There is no way around it.

Reason #2:
I am bored out of my mind. Elliott has been sick all week and thus, I have been home everyday except Tuesday when Jason was able to take a day off work.

Normally, I don't mind being at home. Actually, I am really looking forward to being a stay-at-home-mom except for that stay-at-home part.

I really want to be a go-out-and-about-mom.

When Elliott is feeling well, we go to the baby story time at the library, visit his baby friend Jack, or go on outings with great-gramma.

But with him being sick all week, I've been trapped here. He has had a high fever which broke after 3 days and then turned into a mildly contagious rash (Roseola). Poor little baby. (Yes, he is still a baby for 29 more days. Or 3o more days depending on which day we decide is his birthday this year. As leap day baby, he won't actually celebrate February 29 until his 4th birthday).

So while his little body has been healing and sleeping a lot, I've been doing things around the house.

made a grocery list and menu for a month
done laundry
written emails to friends I haven't seen in a while
watched TV through our computer (we don't have a real TV)

And that brings me here to this blog.
I am out of ways to entertain myself with a sleepy baby who must stay-at-home today.

Now hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up for all those of you who are oh so interested in the daily happenings of our lives.

We'll see......

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