Monday, September 27, 2010

Trucks Win Again

Elliott loves trucks, I mean, he really LOVES them. Even kisses them sometimes. I often play trucks with him, but today I pulled out a color sorting game for some quality mommy & Elliott time while Emerson took a morning nap.

I told Elliott we were going to play a game and he became really enthusiastic.

Everything went well ...for about 10 minutes. We took turns rolling the color die (he thought that was great fun) and then finding the matching color to put in the tray.

Elliott was having a blast and then he excitedly said "Mama, go wake up Emerson." I sweet of my boy, he wants Emerson to play with us too! What a great brother! I explained Emerson was still sleeping and the two of us could play more.

He thought a bit. Then he said "Mama, go downstairs" meaning, Mama, you go downstairs and leave me alone. So he wanted to play by big deal... I could unload the dishwasher.

BUT a few minutes later, I peeked in on him and discovered he wanted to play a different game altogether.

Enough of the color finding game, he wanted to play the "game" with trucks. He spent about a half hour filling up his trucks with the colored circles and dumping them all over the floor, then racing his trucks through them.

He liked his game much more than mine. Oh well. Trucks win again.

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