Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is what Elliott built this weekend:

Elliott (and Jason) put together a toddler bed on Saturday. Elliott was excited and slept in it Saturday and Sunday. But as of yesterday, he has started to take full advantage of his new found freedom to get up from his bed anytime he wants. We put Elliott to bed numerous times last night until he finally tuckered out.

Here were some of his attempts to lure us to his room (and I guess I shouldn't call them attempts because many of them were successful although for the most part I just set him back in his bed and walked out).

To understand our experience, you have to picture exactly how Elliott was calling for us. Elliott doesn't understand the concept of a baby monitor and the fact that we can hear him loud and clear. So each time he'd get out of bed, he'd lay with his face smashed up against his bedroom door and scream through the gap between the door and floor.

''Mama, I have an idea." ( I never heard what this grand idea was, but he was insistent on it)

"Mama, wanna talk about Jackson?"

"Do you wanna watch Incredibles?"

"Open the door please." and after a while, just plain, "Open the door!"

And then sweetly, "Do you wanna lay in my bed?"

Later, "Semi-truck in the bed!''

When he got desperate, "I need to go poo-poo." and I actually put him on the toilet since he has refused to sit on the toilet for about a week. But of course, nothing happened.

By 10:10 last night, it was silent. Finally, success:

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