Monday, February 4, 2013

Fire Safety

Elliott's been learning about fire safety in school and has taken it very seriously. We've made a diagram of our house and identified all of our escape routes...which made it very obvious that our options are limited from our bedrooms.  So we've been researching fire escape ladders and have decided on something like this:

When I showed Elliott the picture of the mother and son climbing down the ladder in their pajamas, he thought it was a very safe idea. But he had one question that was concerning him:

"When will they eat breakfast?"

Elliott is beyond hungry these days, eating multiple breakfasts and dinners.  Forget the scary dangers of fire- Elliott is just worried about food.

Emerson wanted to show off some of his artwork too: His carefully painted snowman.

Emerson has been going through an I-just-love-mommy phase. And I don't mind at all!

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