Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some Days

Some days I'm in awe of the mess kids can make. I sent Emerson upstairs to use the bathroom which apparently to him meant he was supposed to stand on my bathroom counter and pee.  He called for me (because he was annoyed by the pee on his leg) and when I went upstairs, he stepped toward me, slipped on his pee and knocked a glass bottle of massage oil on to the floor (it shattered) and simultaneously spilled my perfectly brewed cup of Market Spice tea onto the oil mess on the floor and somehow managed to get a (used) q-tip into the last bit of tea I managed to save in my cup.

It was such a huge mess that it was picture-worthy, but I'm disappointed the photo below just doesn't capture the moment as much I wanted it too.

But since photos of my kids are much more interesting than photos of my bathroom mess, here are some pictures of our recent trip to Country Village with grandma. We took a city bus ride to get there.

About 2 minutes after this last photo was taken, Emerson was asleep in my arms and Elliott was sprawled out on that back seat nearly asleep himself.

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  1. More fun adventures means less messes at home....just saying