Saturday, February 13, 2010

It is Official

Elliott is 2. Or at least acting like it. He actually not 2 for a couple more weeks until February 29, well, this year, I guess it is February 28.

So why am I so sure that Elliott has embraced his 2 year old stage of life?

I had to leave Fred Meyer today in the middle of my shopping because of the huge tantrum he threw. And I really didn't want to leave, but Elliott was wild. (so I had to finish my shopping 3 hours later during his naptime which means I didn't get a nap which means I am cranky).

What caused this tantrum? Milk

Early in the shopping trip, I put milk in my cart and he wanted some. NOW. I tried to calmly explain that we can't open the gallon of milk and drink directly out of it (that'll come later, I suppose) and that he could have some water from the water bottle.

Nope. That was not good enough...enter big tantrum. The kind where you throw yourself around in the cart and may hurt yourself. I tried distracting him with other things (pretzels, toy car, shopping list) but no luck. At this point, I was really scared he was going to hurt himself and so we hauled out of there.

And yes, everyone stared. A couple people got out of my way when they saw me carrying an arching, screaming toddler.

He screamed all the way home and into the house.

Now it is later in the day, and he's had some milk and a nice long nap and my sweet, calm, little boy has returned to me.

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