Monday, October 14, 2013


Our weekend trip to Hillsboro was non-stop fun. We went to visit our dear friends and take our like-minded kids to Kids Legofest.

 These two little guys took to each other immediately and played all weekend.

So did these two. :)

Our gang about to enter the Lego Kidsfest.

They had lots of life size models to see. (This is Bobafet in case you aren't a Starwars expert).

Elliott's tree that he built during the 2 minute competition to build something you can find in your backyard.
The boy next to us built dog poop.

Elliott spent tons on time in the City section working on an airport.

This little guy tuckered out during the Master Builder session.

Refreshed after a yummy Portland lunch.

  Lots of readers in this group.

And finally, on our way home.  He just couldn't get enough of Legos but eventually drifted off to sleep.

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