Monday, October 7, 2013


In August, we escaped for some weekend camping.  We made it a whole 3 miles before our new (old) Westfalia camping van broke down on the freeway. After a tow home. we transferred all our camping stuff to our other van and headed out a few hours later than expected.    Even though we were disappointed about not getting to try out our van, we had fun sleeping in our tent.  

Emerson choose the giant marshmallows at the store and enjoyed every single bite. 

 Emerson also LOVED the lake. He'd run in and fall head first and come up crying. And then do it again. And again.

The boys spent all afternoon carefully constructing an elaborate  waterway in the sand. They filled it up endlessly with buckets of water and watch it drain back to the lake. 

Reading time with our new library books.

Glow lights were a big hit....and the deal we made with the boys to go sleep in the tent by themselves. They got to play with several glow lights, connecting them into big circles. After Elliott fell asleep, Emerson collected them all and slept with them all night. He woke up a few times to make sure he still had them and that they were still glowing (they were).

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